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I’ve moved!

October 19, 2009

I’ve packed up and moved. Please point your browsers to my new digs.


Panic in the streets of Parenthood

September 22, 2009

Let’s Panic (which I found via Rational Moms) is probably one of the best parodies of the crazy Santiparenting sites EVER. If I were drinking coffee right now (and let’s face it, it’s 5:30 so I should be), it would be coming out my nose!

Baby Bucket List

August 18, 2009

In light of my “Crafty/Makey” post on my other blog today (and in an effort to stop thinking about the judge-y person over at Science Based Parenting who thinks parents who use harnesses on their children should have never had them – yay! early morning judginess!) I wanted to point out the most excellent list from SkepDad called “100 things to do before you’re a teenager.” I like to think of it as the “Baby Bucket List”  – and plan on using it as AJ gets older to have us do fun and new things together.

One interesting thing is that I look at the list, and there are probably 50 things *I* haven’t actually done either – for example, I totally lack experience in # 10 (magic trick learning), #20 (electricity and the basis of circuits), #44 (see a glacier or iceberg), #59 & #60 (high dive and snorkeling), #69 (ride a unicycle), #81 (find out my blood type), and the list goes on.  It seems like fun to do with your kid, and I like the idea that we can turn it into a learning experience for ourselves as well.  Since I’m on the crafty side, and Jason is on the make-y side, I’d like to come up with some items for the list indicative of our family – however, I totally am in love with #10.

Back in the Saddle

August 17, 2009

Apologies for the abscence, but between my parents coming into town for a visit and me getting a stomach flu (first time being sick with a baby too….it was interesting to say the least), my schedule has been way off.  And I’m learning how important the idea of a regular schedule is in the life of a baby- even if its just for my sanity. I’ve got a few posts planned out that I need to finish, but in the meantime, I wanted to highlight a few great posts I read last week:

  • Brad over at SkepDad has a post about “Bubble Babies” – and the products that cater to them (ok, ok, their parents). I actually have some thoughts about this in the works myself.
  • Mile High Mommas (love that name) has a post by pediatrician Dr. Steve Perry on Dr. Bob Sears and the delayed vaccine schedule.
  • For those of you with older kids who want to teach some media literacy – Bazaar has a feature on models without makeup. It’s nice – for me, anyway – to see pictures of real women as they probably are every day.  Great kickstart for a discussion on what’s “real” and what’s not in media photography.  (Interestingly, it says the pictures were done without “excessive retouching” – which I still find funny)
  • I call my mom all the time and ask her if food in my fridge is still good. At 33, and a parent, its nice to have this chart to help me out — besides I’ll keep it and use as a cheat sheet for AJ in 18 years!
  • Science Based Parenting asks “How do you feel about the leash?” (My answer: Yes, please)

Teaching kids to be skeptical consumers

August 3, 2009

Wisebread (via Consumerist) has a great post in which a mom (Frugal Duchess) has to tell her preteen daughter that the sales girl at a popular “tween” store – who spent quite some time with her – was not her friend. Both posts – and comments – on Wisebread and Consumerist make for some great reading.  Consumerist in particular makes the point that, if you don’t teach kids early to be “aware” consumers who can apply critical thinking to their purchases, it can come back to bite them later – something that totally rang true in *my* early life, to the tune of a $3000 credit card debt at 22. 

Jason and I already had a discussion about this (totally unprompted by the article) and how we plan to start teaching AJ about money.  Of course, now at 2 months (!) old, the most we can do is start him on a savings plan, but as he grows up, we’ve already discussed the best way to frame up both earning and spending money.  Since it was Jason’s big idea, I’m going to see if he can do a guest post to discuss it and get some feedback. 

In the meantime, how do those of you with older kids (i.e., those that can feed themselves) teach them to apply critical thinking to their purchases? Or do you?

Immunization Awareness Month: A look at Dr. Bob Sears

July 31, 2009

Science Based Medicine, a blog that provides in depth articles about the relationship between science and medicine, has a great post today by Dr. John Snyder, Chief of the Section of General Pediatrics at St. Vincent’s in NYC, looking in depth at the Dr. Bob Sears’ book, “Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for your Child.”  In the book, Dr. Sears – who part of the family – provides a bunch of anti-science language and sweeping generalities that seems to appeal to a lot of new parents. (The book is a best seller, and is ranked #414 on Amazon).  Dr. John walks through a number of fallacies contained in the book – and provides some excellent information for parents looking for additional research material.

Music for Junior Skeptics

July 30, 2009

I think the ladies over at Skepchick have been colonizing my brain recently, because the last two posts I’ve made have been sparked by posts they’ve made.  I’ll be blunt: I hate children’s music.  I hated it when I was a kid (minus the smooth sounds of innapropriate-adult-songs-sung-by-preteens that was Kids, Inc), and I hate it now.  I dread AJ wanting to listen to Raffi, or the Wiggles.  However, as a parent, you have control over what your kids listen to until they reach a certain age (I think my age was about 11 or 12).  Skepchick just had a post about the new They Might Be Giants album, coming out in September, which has a huge geek/sciency slant. I’ll be getting it, and declaring AJ’s theme song for 2009 to be “Solid Liquid Gas.”

If you’re looking for more “not totally annoying and actually listenable to adults” kids music, may I recommend the Junior Skeptics Mix Tape 2009 from Skeptic magazine? It’s free and worth it for the songs “I’m a Mason Now” by my personal fave, Johnathan Coulton and Overman‘s “Evolution Rocks” alone. But they are all great.