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Music for Junior Skeptics

July 30, 2009

I think the ladies over at Skepchick have been colonizing my brain recently, because the last two posts I’ve made have been sparked by posts they’ve made.  I’ll be blunt: I hate children’s music.  I hated it when I was a kid (minus the smooth sounds of innapropriate-adult-songs-sung-by-preteens that was Kids, Inc), and I hate it now.  I dread AJ wanting to listen to Raffi, or the Wiggles.  However, as a parent, you have control over what your kids listen to until they reach a certain age (I think my age was about 11 or 12).  Skepchick just had a post about the new They Might Be Giants album, coming out in September, which has a huge geek/sciency slant. I’ll be getting it, and declaring AJ’s theme song for 2009 to be “Solid Liquid Gas.”

If you’re looking for more “not totally annoying and actually listenable to adults” kids music, may I recommend the Junior Skeptics Mix Tape 2009 from Skeptic magazine? It’s free and worth it for the songs “I’m a Mason Now” by my personal fave, Johnathan Coulton and Overman‘s “Evolution Rocks” alone. But they are all great.

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  1. shellssells permalink
    July 30, 2009 12:55 pm

    Try “Trout Fishing in America.” The one which I myself don’t get tired of. They manage a bunch of different styles of music, and their lyrics are clever without being totally contrived. They do not condescend to children. Then again, you end up with a kid who is singing “Junk food jump…let’s all get hyperactive now” in a funk beat.

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