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Back in the Saddle

August 17, 2009

Apologies for the abscence, but between my parents coming into town for a visit and me getting a stomach flu (first time being sick with a baby too….it was interesting to say the least), my schedule has been way off.  And I’m learning how important the idea of a regular schedule is in the life of a baby- even if its just for my sanity. I’ve got a few posts planned out that I need to finish, but in the meantime, I wanted to highlight a few great posts I read last week:

  • Brad over at SkepDad has a post about “Bubble Babies” – and the products that cater to them (ok, ok, their parents). I actually have some thoughts about this in the works myself.
  • Mile High Mommas (love that name) has a post by pediatrician Dr. Steve Perry on Dr. Bob Sears and the delayed vaccine schedule.
  • For those of you with older kids who want to teach some media literacy – Bazaar has a feature on models without makeup. It’s nice – for me, anyway – to see pictures of real women as they probably are every day.  Great kickstart for a discussion on what’s “real” and what’s not in media photography.  (Interestingly, it says the pictures were done without “excessive retouching” – which I still find funny)
  • I call my mom all the time and ask her if food in my fridge is still good. At 33, and a parent, its nice to have this chart to help me out — besides I’ll keep it and use as a cheat sheet for AJ in 18 years!
  • Science Based Parenting asks “How do you feel about the leash?” (My answer: Yes, please)
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  1. dawnacrawford permalink
    August 20, 2009 8:16 pm

    Thanks for including the Mile High Mama post – we love that article too!

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