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Baby Bucket List

August 18, 2009

In light of my “Crafty/Makey” post on my other blog today (and in an effort to stop thinking about the judge-y person over at Science Based Parenting who thinks parents who use harnesses on their children should have never had them – yay! early morning judginess!) I wanted to point out the most excellent list from SkepDad called “100 things to do before you’re a teenager.” I like to think of it as the “Baby Bucket List”  – and plan on using it as AJ gets older to have us do fun and new things together.

One interesting thing is that I look at the list, and there are probably 50 things *I* haven’t actually done either – for example, I totally lack experience in # 10 (magic trick learning), #20 (electricity and the basis of circuits), #44 (see a glacier or iceberg), #59 & #60 (high dive and snorkeling), #69 (ride a unicycle), #81 (find out my blood type), and the list goes on.  It seems like fun to do with your kid, and I like the idea that we can turn it into a learning experience for ourselves as well.  Since I’m on the crafty side, and Jason is on the make-y side, I’d like to come up with some items for the list indicative of our family – however, I totally am in love with #10.

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